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On a day when little water was to be found Man spent awhile in thought and realized that he might one day die, never to rise again. Man sent Dog to God to ask that he might come back to live again, like the flowering plant, after death.

Dog went off and followed his nose toward God. He was soon distracted by the smell of soup, and followed his hunger toward the source. Leaning close to watch it boil, Dog was content and forgot his mission.

Seeing that Dog was lost, Frog took it upon himself to go to God and tell him that Man did not want to live again. If Man were to be reborn, thought Frog, he would soon muddy the rivers and destroy the birthplaces of frogs.

Dog finally arrived to tell God Man’s message. Leaning low, he crooned Man’s need for rebirth in the song of his howl. God was touched by the devotion of Dog for Man.

But God granted the frog’s wish, because he got there first.

- Hellboy: Seed of Destruction

chacah replied to your post “I’ve been seeing things crossing my dash. Is there apparently a debate…”

I have no clue because frankly, I don’t look at the tag, nor am I “technically” in the fandom… but from what I’ve seen from people on my dash, I just decided to put my opinion on rping out there.

I normally don’t care about it.
But a post I reblogged had this tagline of ‘in light of certain ‘professionals’ giving some pretty lousy advice to RPers’

Didn’t bat an eye. Seen another post. Then your response. All is fine. I don’t think little of others, especially on subjective things.
I always have my live and let live policy, but also a disgusting tendency for wanting to know what the heck is happening.
But also to keep myself safe and knowing what to avoid.


I should stop. It is going to kill my ignorant bliss.

I’ve been seeing things crossing my dash.

Is there apparently a debate in the fandom about professional rping or something?
Like what?
I am afraid to even bother checking at this point because it’ll just be like…


I don’t want to get my hands dirty

Look! It’s a bunch of RP Advice posts!



It’s the entire collection!

Some are not written by me, some are, all are meant to be taken as general starting points for people who are new to RP in an online setting and not as absolute gospel.

Obviously, every situation will be a little bit different, but the below posts and articles are a good springboard to get any new RPer started.

Many are SWTOR/Star Wars specific, some are WoW specific, others are more ‘general advice’.

  1. Your Friends Are Not Your Therapists.
  2. You Are Not Your Character.
  3. Quantity is not Quality (for you “three chat buffers to say, ‘He sat down and smiled’ emoters and purple-prosers” among us.)
  4. The Fine Line Between, “I’m interested in RPing with you!” and Coming Off as a Stalker.
  5. Don’t be this type of player. You will end up alone and always “involved in drama” somehow.
  6. In Character actions have in character consequences.
  7. Eight Character Tropes to be careful using. It’s EASY to go overboard.
  8. On Imperial and Sith Categorization Semantics
  9. General How Not to be an Overbearing Asshole to your RP Partners Advice.
  10. How to Write an Abusive Character and Make it Believable.
  11. Why Having Standards and Preferences Does not Make You Elitist.
  12. Calleo Rambles About RP Etiquette: How Not to Drive Everyone Away.
  13. The Empire is a Police State.
  14. Death in RP.
  15. Healing in RP.
  16. So, you want to RP a slave?
  17. Roleplaying controversial themes.
  18. No Means No.
  19. Dealing with “Bad RPers”.
  20. Warlocks, Mages, Street Fights, NPCs and You.
  21. Plate Armor and You.
  22. Dear Yaoi Fangirls, Rape is rape.
  23. Playing a Mouthy, Disrespectful, or ‘Edgy’ Character: What to Expect.
  24. Check to see if your RP plot/character is just fetishizing a sexuality. (Hint: If you answer yes to more than one of the things on that list, it is, and you need to stop and think about your choices.)
  25. Jedi Gone Wild or How to Fail at Playing a “Unique” Jedi.
  26. HOW I MINE FOR SITH?! Or Why You Don’t Always Have to Walk Around Wearing a Cape and Talking About How Much You Love to Torture/Kill/Maim.
  27. Mind Control and You.
  28. How Not to Godmode.
  29. Character Hooks and How They Can Ruin Your RP.
  30. Making Tough Decisions (or, alternately, “But, it’s what my character would do!”)
  31. Don’t be a Dickens: Avoiding Purple Prose.
  32. Why Class Stories/Companions Do Not Work In Public RP.
  33. Dealing With a Toxic RP Partner.
  34. Short bit on social dynamics in the Empire.: Why Backsassing a Sith Isn’t Always Fatal.
  35. Recognizing a Toxic RP Partner.
  36. What to Expect From an RP Guild Officer.

I think that’s all of them.

Seems apt to give this a reblog in light of certain ‘professionals’ giving some pretty lousy advice to RPers.