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Just a personal blog to keep tabs and notes on things relative to my interests. I basically post a few art personal pieces and reblog cats, art I like, and art tutorials.

I do not heavily watermark my artwork, but I still ask to not repost, edit, copy or use any of my art in any case without permission. (And of course reblogging is perfectly fine). 

chacah replied to your photo “He doesn’t talk much. He lost that privilege long ago.”

hgnn… I love him! He looks so awesome and I love what I read about him! *chinhands* tell me more about your ocs… always, every day!

Hnn, reminds me I should actually DO more things on tumblr with my OCs lol

Like I can have all the OCs I can make, but if I give no one reason to care about them via memes, more doodles, comics, more drawings, rp… then it’s kind of missing out on all the potential fun things

The 3rd gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting their future husband/wife for the first time

Some super cool animals you may not be aware of.



Scorpion Tailed Gecko

This small lizard is a native of Oman. When threatened they curl their tales up to mimic a scorpion.


Scorpion Tailed Spider

Speaking of scorpion tails… This group of spiders have long tails that also mimic the threat display of a scorpion. Though unlike their scorpion brethren, their tales are stupid and useless.



Babirusa is fun to say.


Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

Softshell turtles are known for their fleshy shells and nonchalant demeanor. Look at this thing, its hilarious.


Basking Shark

Even though you could probably drive a child’s SUV into its mouth, you probably shouldn’t.


Tufted Deer

This is one of a few species of deer able to grow very prominent saber fangs, though only in the males of the species. They are also very small and cute.


Bird Dung Crab Spider

Though it may resemble a spider, it is actually bird dung that has adopted the behavior of a spider. Avoid at all costs.


Ladybug Mimic Spider

It’s a cute ladybug, not a terrifying hell beast, I promise.



The gelada is basically a fucking werewolf. My girlfriend says they’re not, but she is wrong.